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I don't usually need to ask on here as just about every question has been asked but after searching for half an hour all I can find is tutorials doing the opposite of what I want...

Basically I have a web form that pre fills using Javascript. When the user clicks on the pre filled field they should be able to edit the text already there if their information has changed (ie new address) but if nothing has changed they leave the field and it submits as is.

Thing is when they click on the field it clears, and as soon as the take focus off the text box the value reappears. I know of the onfocus function but I can only find info to make the text box clear, rather than have the value stay.

Can you guys help? Here is my text box...

<input  id="fname" maxlength="40" name="fname" size="20" type="text" class="required" value="<?php echo($first_name) ?>"/>

I don't think my javascript is relevant but if needed I can post that... I would love to disable the onfocus inline if possible.

EDIT took the "readonly" out of the input element as it makes no difference. The particular one I chose was one that should not be able to edit, yet when you click on it the text disappears and then when you click off it again it reappears. I don't want anything to disappear.

EDIT2 For anyone who comes across this issue I found out what the issue was. I was using a jQuery validation script to validate the blank fields on my form and the css within that was causing the fields to empty when they were focused (simply onfocus coding). Try disabling your external scripts one by one to eliminate any of them causing the clash...

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You need to remove the read only from the input element

<input  id="fname" maxlength="40" name="fname" size="20" type="text" class="required" value="<?php echo($first_name) ?>"/>

That attribute allows a user to copy, highlight etc within the input but not change the value, hence it reseting every time.

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Sorry I should have mentioned it but I also have text boxes that are read only and the same issue happens; when the text box is highlighted they can not edit the pre fill text, it completely clears. I want the pre fill text to stay. I guess I am looking for an onfocus-do nothing sort of code? – David Dawson May 14 '13 at 0:54
do you mean aren't read only? – Yoda May 14 '13 at 0:56
No I don't want the pre fill text to disappear regardless of readonly or not. At the moment no matter what I do the pre fill text always disappears when the text box is highlighted. Only difference is that if it's red only I can not ype anything. And as always when you take focus off the text box the text reappears... I want it to stay and be editable. – David Dawson May 14 '13 at 1:01

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