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I'm working on an MDI application that has an object browser (CClassView) that has to change what it displays based on what "document" is active.

PS: None of my searches have worked.

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This isn't what I expected, but here's a possible solution:


Q: How to get the active document anywhere in my application?

A: There are several methods, one is to get first the active frame then call CFrameWnd::GetActiveDocument. ... In MDI applications, we have to additionally get the active MDI child frame.

CDocument* GetMDIActiveDocument()
    CDocument* pDoc = NULL;

    CWnd* pWndMain = AfxGetMainWnd();
    ASSERT(pWndMain->IsKindOf(RUNTIME_CLASS(CMDIFrameWnd))); // Not an MDI app.

    CFrameWnd* pFrame = ((CMDIFrameWnd*)pWndMain)->MDIGetActive();
    if(NULL != pFrame)
        pDoc = pFrame->GetActiveDocument(); // get the active document
    return pDoc;

This sample code might suggest other (perhaps even better) alternatives:


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There's just one problem. There is no CDocument class in my project that I know of. I have CMyApp: CWinAppEx, CChildFrame: CMDIChildWndEx and CMainFrame: CMDIFrameWndEx. Is there something that I'm missing? –  Timothy Chapman May 15 '13 at 16:17

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