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So we all know how crappy webfonts look with antialiasing disabled... I just found out that, if you're using Chrome, you trigger antialiasing at 49px or higher, however, with firefox it's set at 257px or higher.

Does anyone know if it is possible to trigger them at lower values?

And no, font-smooth, -webkit-font-smoothing and text-shadow techniques do not solve this issue.

I am using windows7 and the latest firefox/chrome versions as of this writing

Cheers Sotkra

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Do you have a reference for the 257px value? I don't observe a difference in rendering between 200px and 280px on Win7 with clear-type enabled. –  Jeremy Mar 4 at 22:19
Jeremy, I simply listed 257px because that's when I started seeing the difference. I no longer have a win7 OS so I can't replicate it. I do notice - now - that there's lots of differences between fonts in terms of when they trigger the antialising and when they don't. A specific fon't I'm working with right now is only getting anti-alising triggered (in firefox) once it reaches 100px. Before 100px it looks like shit, at 100px or higher it looks beautiful (due to the antialiasing). In Chrome it always looks good, even at super tiny sizes such as 12px. –  Sotkra Mar 5 at 22:58
Can you post the font import CSS? Some "auto webfont generators" (e.g. fontsquirrel) put SVG fonts at the top to support old Chrome versions, and they are rendered totally differently to WOFF / TTF. –  Jeremy Mar 6 at 0:00
This was ages ago with versions of chrome and ff I no longer have access to. –  Sotkra Mar 25 at 2:11

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