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in my windows form there is a comboBox that user can select name of table from that:

string Command = "INSERT INTO ['"+variable+"']  VALUES ('" + _ID + "','" + txt1.Text + "') ";

but there is an error like this .Could not find output table ''Tels''

and when write Tels instead of variable it works correctly.

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can you show what Command has? –  Ahmed Z. May 14 '13 at 4:22
Google "little bobby tables" –  Anthony Pegram May 14 '13 at 4:24
Could it be the quotes? Remove the single quote after like [' and then before ']. So, that it would be simply like [ and ] as well. –  δοῦλος Ἰησοῦς Χριστός May 14 '13 at 4:50
Search for a solution where SQL injection is impossible, otherwise I will find you, and I will format your server's disk (I won't, but others will). –  Johannes Egger May 14 '13 at 5:31

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I found it myself:

string Command = "INSERT INTO [" + variable + "]  VALUES ('" + _ID + "','" + txt1.Text + "') ";

you should remove quotation mark around of variable!!!!

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