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I want to create file according to data.If file exists of todays date then it must not create file .I have written some code

 path.exists('./LOG/BAlDate-Info' +Date()+'.txt', function(exists) {
    if (!exists) {
        fs.writeFile('./LOG/BALDate-Info' +Date()+'.txt',"BAl-Employee  is called  @  "+    Date(),function(err){
                console.log("error is: " + err)
                console.log("no error found");

In this case every time i run this code it creates file but i want to create just single file of of todays date. Please help me out in this case

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One option would be to name your logfile like this:

var now = new Date();
var logfile_name = './LOG/BALDate-Info-' + now.getFullYear() + "-"+ now.getMonth() + "-" + now.getDay() +'.txt'

your file should look like './LOG/BALDate-Info-2013-4-2.txt'

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thanks it is working... @sptirca –  ana May 14 '13 at 7:31

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