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I need to stub following call in PowerMockito.


I know this can be done in Mockito using RETURNS_DEEP_STUBS as addional parameter in when mock is called , but how can be this be done using PowerMockito/ But seems does not accept this same arg in as Mockito does.

AppointmentAcceptedDocument appAcceptedDoc = Mockito.mock(AppointmentAcceptedDocument.class, RETURNS_DEEP_STUBS); - Possible

AppointmentAcceptedDocument appAcceptedDoc = PowerMockito.mock(AppointmentAcceptedDocument.class, <?RETURNS_DEEP_STUBS?>); - Not possible
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Actually found you can do this powermockito as you simply do with Mockito

Following will work

AppointmentAcceptedDocument appAcceptedDoc = PowerMockito.mock(AppointmentAcceptedDocument.class,  Mockito.RETURNS_DEEP_STUBS);

Hope it helps someone!

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