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I am an intermediate Python Developer and had developed few Python apps and now i want to jump to the framework for the rapid development, as plain Python will be very tedious, so i found two big frameworks out there, DJANGO AND PYRAMID,

Now my question is, what is the best framework to create a very Complex project ?

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here's a brief comparison I made codementor.io/python/tutorial/… –  Sheena Mar 25 at 9:00

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Like Root said, there is no real complete answer to this question. However, I'll try to render a partial one in the hopes that it helps.

Full Disclosure: I work in Django.

In terms of productivity, the best framework is the one you/your group is the most familiar with. Django boasts an amazing user base and a nice tutorial, which is helpful, but this isn't to say that Django is better than Pyramid. (Pyramid's is quite nice too).

Disclosure again: Pythonanywhere sponsors my robotics team's website by hosting it for free.

In terms of Deployment, both are fine. Sites like PythonAnywhere cater directly to python framework users, and this makes it amazingly easy. Again, this depends on your/your team's past experience and familiarity with each host and deployment on the host with the framework.

There has been an extensive debate over which framework is best, and I've found among others:

  1. Brett Dangerfield
  2. Stackoverflow
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