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How do I use ipython on top of a pypy interpreter rather than a cpython interpreter? ipython website just says it works, but is scant on the details of how to do it.

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You can create a PyPy virtualenv :

virtualenv -p /path/to/pypy <venv_dir>

Activate the virtualenv

source <venv_dir>/bin/activate

and install ipython

pip install ipython
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  • install setuptools to pypy
  • install pip with setuptools to pypy


pypy\bin\pip install ipython
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This worked for me, after pypy is installed:

pypy -m easy_install ipython

Then it gets installed in the same directory as pypy, so if pypy is at this location:

which pypy

Then ipython will be there


You can set up an alias in your bash startup script:

alias pypython="/usr/local/share/pypy/ipython"
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