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Sup, I'm using audio.js plugin in my Rails app. I know, that API of audio.js allows to make playlists, but I didn't find any documentation of it. So, how can I implement playlist with audio.js or any other js audio plugin? There is an example of using audio.js with playlist, but I don't understand how it implemented.

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If you view the source of the page inside the script tag's at the top there is

      $(function() { 
        // Setup the player to autoplay the next track
        var a = audiojs.createAll({
          trackEnded: function() {
            var next = $('ol li.playing').next();
            if (!next.length) next = $('ol li').first();
            audio.load($('a', next).attr('data-src'));

        // Load in the first track
        var audio = a[0];
            first = $('ol a').attr('data-src');
        $('ol li').first().addClass('playing');

        // Load in a track on click
        $('ol li').click(function(e) {
          audio.load($('a', this).attr('data-src'));
        // Keyboard shortcuts
        $(document).keydown(function(e) {
          var unicode = e.charCode ? e.charCode : e.keyCode;
             // right arrow
          if (unicode == 39) {
            var next = $('li.playing').next();
            if (!next.length) next = $('ol li').first();
            // back arrow
          } else if (unicode == 37) {
            var prev = $('li.playing').prev();
            if (!prev.length) prev = $('ol li').last();
            // spacebar
          } else if (unicode == 32) {

As you can see it loads the URL from the data-src in the url

<li><a href="#" data-src="">dead wrong intro</a></li>

So do something similar

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