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My senior gave me a task to put all little javascript and jQuery plugin code in one file which will execute these plugins, depending if the page has certain .classes or #ids. I am thinking what is the best way to do that.

Will simple if -> else do in this case or should I go further and create something with .each?

I also think that with the growing amount of plugins and other client-side code, there will be significant performance issues. But so far we only have about 5-10 self-invoking functions.

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You can really use what you want if you have a small amount of plugins to check.

If not then you should choose from this list:

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How about something like this? It depends on how many elements it's going to have to cycle through. You could be more specific with span's, or div's if need be.

var a_i = 0, b_i = 0;

$("#ids").each(function() {

$(".classes").each(function() {

if(a_i != 0) {

if(b_i != 0) {

Not tested - but it's the general idea.

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Not quite getting the idea of this. I increase the i depending on the number of ids I have specified, and then I fire all the scripts in the same time? – Grammakov May 14 '13 at 8:59

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