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I'm trying to implement a custom multipartFormData data parser to handle a callback from Sendgrid API. The callback is a multipart request where the dataparts could be encoded in different encodings: eg utf-8 or ISO-8859-1.

Sendgrid provides a charsets field that is simply a json object that explains what encoding each field have:


I currently extract the charsets from dataParts like this:

    val charsets = extract(request.body.dataParts, "charsets", _.as[Charsets]).getOrElse(Charsets(Some(""), Some(""), Some(""), Some(""), Some("")))

    def extract[T](env: Map[String, Seq[String]], key: String, conv: JsValue => T): Option[T] = {

    case class Charsets(to: Option[String], html: Option[String], subject: Option[String], from: Option[String], text: Option[String])

    object Charsets {
        implicit val charsetReads = Json.format[Charsets]

but that wont work since everything might have the wrong encoding set by the parser.

The original handleDataPart is hardcoded to use utf-8

def handleDataPart: PartHandler[Part] = {
    case headers @ Multipart.PartInfoMatcher(partName) if !Multipart.FileInfoMatcher.unapply(headers).isDefined =>
        .transform(Iteratee.consume[Array[Byte]]().map(bytes => DataPart(partName, new String(bytes, "utf-8"))))
        .flatMap { data =>
          case Input.El(_) => Done(MaxDataPartSizeExceeded(partName), Input.Empty)
          case in => Done(data, in)

So what I would like to do is to begin to extract the charsets object and then use it when creating the Dataparts or instead of creating a String for each field, create a Array[Byte] and then in my controller handle the creation of strings. Maybe there is some other way? How would you solve this? I feel stuck and need some guidance.

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