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I am using jQuery datatable

<div id="wrapperDiv">

<table id="dataTable"> <!-- data --> </table>


wrapper's width is 960 px and table goes to 1080 px (it has broader data)

I tried

-    setting width: 100% in table tag inline CSS
-    setting overflow-x auto; in table tag

And promising looking solutions from

jQuery DataTables table width problem

How to set column widths to a jQuery datatable?

DataTables width problem

Jquery DataTables - Table width is shorter than dataTable_wrapper width

None of them worked for me, As a workaround I increased the width of wrapper DIV to fit the data table. Any help?

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What behavior are you expecting? For the div provide a scroll bar? Or the datatable? Have you tried "sScrollX":"100%" in the .dataTable() call? You could also try "sScrollX":"1080". Also look at sScrollXInner. It just depends on what you are expecting. –  Bumptious Q Bangwhistle May 14 '13 at 11:05
Post a jsfiddle, i typically set a container div to px width, then the generated datatables wrapper to 100% –  Jay Rizzi May 15 '13 at 17:13

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