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I have made some changes in one perforce client, but haven't submitted them. I want to propagate these changes to another perforce client, without submitting the changes in the first client.

Is it possible? If yes how? Thanks

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You cannot do this from within Perforce itself. You will need to perform a manual process:

  1. sync and resolve any conflicts with the changes on Client A
  2. sync Client B
  3. check out target files on Client B
  4. copy files from Client A to Client B

This process could be automated by using commands like p4 changes and p4 describe and OS tools to parse the output (like for in DOS), but this would be overkill in most cases.

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check out the new shelving feature in the perforce 9.2 release (currently available in beta)- you can cache your modified files on the server, without having to check them in as a versioned change.


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Although I didn't work with git-p4, the answer to this question seems to refer to your use case as well: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1620132/git-p4-and-pulling-from-other-repos/1622576#1622576

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