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Git works in a proxied environment by setting the http.proxy configuration parameter.

For certain addresses I need to bypass the proxy. Is there a no-proxy/bypass-proxy configuration parameter?

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The proxy can be overridden on a per-remote basis - see http://git-scm.com/docs/git-config (look for the "http.proxy" and "remote.<name>.proxy" settings). Assuming you have the remote called "origin" then the command you could use to bypass proxy for this remote is:

git config --add remote.origin.proxy ""
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To bypass proxy for certain, usually a local addresses, all you need to do is:

export no_proxy=URLToIgnore

Where URLToIgnore is the URL that you want Git to ignore. You can also ignore URLs ending with a certain word.

export no_proxy=.mylocal

Where all urls ending with .mylocal will get ignored. To ignore multiple URLs:

export no_proxy=.mylocal URLToIgnore

To make it permanent, add it to your ~/username/.bash_profile file. If you cannot find .bash_profile file in your user root directory, then manually create it.

For more details: How to temporarily disable git http proxy

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