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i am using tomcat server and i have added a rhino engine to able some scripting abilities on my users. the second phase is to provide some debug environment.

i know rhino has a debug API but i could not find any documentation/code samples about how to work with it, and build a debugger around it

any one knows?

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Check this thread

Getting Rhino debugger working in servlets which uses Rhino debugger.

And be sure to read the whole thread

Rhino debugger against embedded engine

Some guy from the above thread managed (based on the first link I provided) to attach a debugger to a embedded rhino instance

Some other guy even made a little project on sourcefore (didn't test it)

debug rhino you only need the debug and the debug-rhino folders as the rest is some other stuff

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thanks :-), lately i have been thinking maybe i am searching information on the web in a wrong way, so forgive my silly question but how did you got to all these links?? thanks:-) – special0ne Oct 31 '09 at 12:24
I used google. started out with "rhino tomcat debug" which yields the first link on position 4 for me. Then "rhino debugger" yields the second link on page 2 position 3b. And also reyields link 1 on page 2 position 1. – jitter Oct 31 '09 at 12:30

I recommend leveraging the one provided as part of JSDT, I've got embedded in a servlet environment and it took ~1 day to get going (working out how to make the rhino server match the source with the source in the eclipse workspace so they would debug properly). http://wiki.eclipse.org/JSDT/Debug/Rhino/Embedding_Rhino_Debugger

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I wrote code in Apache CXF to launch the Rhino debugger programatically. You might find it a useful example.

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