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My app uses javascript to generate all the HTML for my website. The index.html basically just contains

<div id="menu"></div><div id="content/><div id="content2/>

And the javascript replaces the divs. I find myself doing a lot of repetitive tasks when I need to create a form.

var html = "<form id="form1"> ... </form>";

Is there a good framework to generate HTML forms so that you could do something like

generateForm(<formId>, [{name: "field1", type: button}, {name: "field2", type: input}]);

Or something similar?

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So when I disable javascript I get a blank page from your website. Great idea. Btw google would then also see nothing –  jitter Oct 31 '09 at 9:53
It's an internal app. It's purely an interface for a java app and it's nice to not have reloads. –  Verhogen Nov 5 '09 at 10:35

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You could simplify the generation by using a framework like MooTools, jQuery, etc...

To generate a form you would have something like this (in MooTools):

var form = new Element('form', { 'id' : 'myFormId', 'class' : 'myFormClass', ... });
var btn = new Element('input', { 'type' : 'button' , ... })

You could encapsulate this logic in some methods for centralizing the code generation

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how would you do it in jQuery? –  Verhogen Nov 1 '09 at 3:08
var form = $('<form>').attr('id', 'formId').attr('class', 'formClass'); var btn = $('<input>').attr('type', 'button'); form.append(btn); Hope it helps. Cumps. –  LobsterZorg Nov 2 '09 at 9:36

I wrote a project that i created table tr and td using javascript :

objTR = document.createElement("TR");
objTR.setAttribute("id", "factor_row_" + id);

objTD = document.createElement("TD");
objDIV = document.createElement("DIV");
objDIV.setAttribute("id", "title_" + id);
objDIV.innerHTML = title;

I think appendChild will work for you. You must just create your form element and it's attributes and then append it to it's parent. Hope it helps you ;)

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You can try as well a templating engine like PURE
Define the HTML's and then you render them based on a JSON data.

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