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How I can send rescued exceptions to NewRelic ?

I have a test file rpm.rb:

require 'newrelic_rpm'
  "2" + 3
rescue TypeError => e
  puts "whoa !"
  NewRelic::Agent.agent.error_collector.notice_error( e )

I start it with:

NEWRELIC_ENABLE=true ruby rpm.rb

The content of log/newrelic_agent.log:

[05/14/13 ... (87691)] INFO : Reading configuration from config/newrelic.yml
[05/14/13 ... (87691)] INFO : Environment: development
[05/14/13 ... (87691)] WARN : No dispatcher detected.
[05/14/13 ... (87691)] INFO : Application: xxx (Development)
[05/14/13 ... (87691)] INFO : Installing Net instrumentation
[05/14/13 ... (87691)] INFO : Audit log enabled at '.../log/newrelic_audit.log'
[05/14/13 ... (87691)] INFO : Finished instrumentation
[05/14/13 ... (87691)] INFO : Reading configuration from config/newrelic.yml
[05/14/13 ... (87691)] INFO : Starting Agent shutdown

The content of log/newrelic_audit.log

[2013-05-14 ... (87691)] : REQUEST:
[2013-05-14 ... (87691)] : REQUEST BODY: []

Nothing is reported to NewRelic, why ?

I saw this already: Is there way to push NewRelic error manually?

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does the raise keyword help? – Jan Dvorak May 14 '13 at 9:04
I don't want let see our customers the stacktrace :), thats why the rescue is in my example, but thanks – astropanic May 14 '13 at 9:09
This may be too obvious, but NR does not phone home by default when running in Development mode unless you change the config file. – mikeryz Feb 22 '14 at 21:05
That seems to be substantiated by WARN : No dispatcher detected. – Andreas Kavountzis Mar 22 '14 at 1:22
I work at New Relic on the newrelic_rpm gem. What version of the newrelic_rpm gem are you using? Older versions will refuse to start at all unless a known dispatcher (web server or background task framework) is detected, and it looks like you may be hitting taht. Also, you should use NewRelic::Agent.notice_error, since that's our public API, not the version on the error_collector. – grumbler Apr 3 '14 at 5:51

You need to set monitor_mode: true in config/newrelic.yml

  <<: *default_settings
  # Turn off communication to New Relic service in development mode (also
  # 'enabled').
  # NOTE: for initial evaluation purposes, you may want to temporarily
  # turn the agent on in development mode.
  monitor_mode: true

  # Rails Only - when running in Developer Mode, the New Relic Agent will
  # present performance information on the last 100 transactions you have
  # executed since starting the mongrel.
  # NOTE: There is substantial overhead when running in developer mode.
  # Do not use for production or load testing.
  developer_mode: true
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