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I have a collection of scripts for migrating my DB schema to the latest version. For developments and testing I regularly apply them all at once, operating on empty tables since there is no data.

This process is painfully slow since we started using InnoDB. A single alter table operation takes ~0.1s with MyISAM but ~0.5s with InnoDB. I tried disabling foreign key checks, but it doesn't help much. Is there anything else I can try to speed things up?

(I tried creating the schema using MyISAM and migrating it but this way I lose foreign keys.)

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The default values for innoDB are shockingly guant. If you give the my.cnf reasonable values, it may well speed up InnoDB in general, and may have a positive impact on schema updates too.

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Any suggestions on what settings should I look at? –  Michał Bendowski May 14 '13 at 10:19

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