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I'd like to rbind all a dataframes in ALIST - how would I do this?

alist <- list(a = data.frame(1:3),
              b = data.frame(4:6),
              a = data.frame(7:9))

(ALIST <- list(alist, alist, alist))
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None of these answered helped me. But admittetdly the lapply(ALIST, function(x) x[["a"]]) should have come to my mind before... – Kay May 14 '13 at 11:48
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Use lapply to subset out the elements you want, and rbind with on that list:"rbind",lapply(ALIST,function(x) x[["a"]]))
1    1
2    2
3    3
4    1
5    2
6    3
7    1
8    2
9    3
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