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I've installed FileZilla Server on Windows Web Server 2008 R2. I've set up everything correctly on FileZilla and I can connect withing the server.

The problem I cant connect to the server from other computer, I get the following error

An error occured opening that folder on the FTP Server. Make sure you have permission to access that folder.

Details The operation timed out

FileZilla server give this info

FileZilla Server version 0.9.41 beta

Copyright 2001-2012 by Tim Kosse (tim.kosse@filezilla-project.org)

Connecting to server...

Connected, waiting for authentication

Logged on

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - (not logged in) (> Connected, sending welcome message...

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - (not logged in) (> 220-FileZilla Server version 0.9.41 beta

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - (not logged in) (> 220-written by Tim Kosse (Tim.Kosse@gmx.de)

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - (not logged in) (> 220 Please visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla/

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - (not logged in) (> USER Username

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - (not logged in) (> 331 Password required for Username

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - (not logged in) (> PASS

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - Username (> 230 Logged on

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - Username (> opts utf8 on

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - Username (> 200 UTF8 mode enabled

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - Username (> PWD

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - Username (> 257 "/" is current directory.

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - Username (> CWD /

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - Username (> 250 CWD successful. "/" is current directory.

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - Username (> TYPE A

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - Username (> 200 Type set to A

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - Username (> PASV

(000030)2013/05/14 12:11:17 PM - Username (> 227 Entering Passive Mode (41,185,23,114,0,14)

(000030)2013/05/14 12:13:17 PM - Username (> 421 Connection timed out.

(000030)2013/05/14 12:13:17 PM - Username (> disconnected.

Any idea whats going on here? I am now confused.

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Could also be a couple of other issues

You need to allow Filezilla server.exe through the firewall (windows firewall advanced settings, allow program). I got it working with the passive port once I'd done this and opened up a couple of ports on the firewall also (21 definitely needs opening up)

This article might help


Just ignore the bits about Azure endpoints.

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i would venture a guess and say the passive ports are blocked by a firewall etc..

in settings (filezilla server) go to passive mode and try entering the IP address of the server under "use the following IP" (this made a difference on my install - left the rest blank)

when i tried changing the port on the server to somehting other than 22 i had the hosting company open the new port to xyz for me but i ran into the same issues you are.. turns out its the passive port thats the issue.. resorted to just slug it out on port 22 instead.

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