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There are many ways to Title Case in java.

But how do you prevent some of the common abbreviations from being converted. For Example;

System.out.println(makeProper("JAMES A SWEET");
System.out.println(makeProper("123 MAIN ST SW");

James A Sweet
123 Main St Sw

SW should remain uppercase as it is an abbreviation to South West.

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You need some sort of dictionary that contains words that should not be capitalized. You could use a HashSet for that. Something along these lines:

Set<String> whiteList = new HashSet<String>();
// ...
for (String word : phrase.split()) {
    if (!whiteList.contains(word)) {
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Thanks JG!!!!!!!!! –  Eric Labashosky Oct 31 '09 at 23:25

There is no standard way to do such a thing.

You could come up with your own method and a set of abbreviations you don't want "corrected" and exclude does from the transformation

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i agree. seems to be a roll your own situation. –  Berek Bryan Oct 31 '09 at 12:05

The only way i could see is:

1. split your input text into words  
2. iterate through words  
      2.a  if word is a abbreviation then 
           2.a.1   do nothing or convert to uppercase, whatever is required  
    2.b  otherwise  
           2.b.1   call [makeProper][1] or [capitalize][2]  

makeProper or capitalize
obviously you have to create a method which will decide if the word is an abbreviation or not :) how about keeping all know abbreviation in a file, and reading them.

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Apache Commons-lang contains WordUtils.capitalizeFully which I've used to capitalise strings without problem. Hope it saves you time.

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