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Can someone please explain to me on how to access a value exposed by sysfs from an android application.

A reference which suggests that we can not access is here

But there is one android application which does the same.

Please explain.

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I found the answer after some research

This is how it works.

//cmd will be the path of script to be executed
String cmd = "/home_dir/./my_shell_script.sh" ; 
Runtime run = Runtime.getRuntime() ; 
//this will run the script from java
Process pr = run.exec(cmd) ; 

The values returned can be read like this

BufferedReader buf = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(pr.getInputStream()));
try {
        String string = buf.readLine();
        char[] text = string.toCharArray();
        int start = 0;
        int len = string.length();
        textView.setText(text, start, len);
        Toast.makeText(this, string, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
    catch (IOException e) 
        Toast.makeText(this, e.getMessage(), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

It will show the variable/output in a toast message.


1 Executing shell command from java

2 /sys/devices/virtual/gpio access from Java?

Please let me know if there are any other methods for this.

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can you plz paste wht you are doing in the shell script ! –  Raulp Dec 13 '13 at 9:18

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