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I found a javascript code that change the opacity of the asp.net menu items ,

  $(function () {
        $("ul.level1 li").hover(function () {
            $(this).stop().animate({ opacity: 0.7}, "slow");
        }, function () {
            $(this).stop().animate({ opacity: 1}, "slow");

But I don't want to change the opacity !
How can I do if I want to change the items' background color by following this function ?

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$(function () {
    $("ul.level1 li").hover(function () {
        $(this).stop().animate({ backgroundColor: red}, "slow");
    }, function () {
        $(this).stop().animate({ backgroundColor: blue}, "slow");

You will also need this

A better method is to use simple css transition with the :hover pseudo selector.


As I said there is no native support for background color animation in jQuery. You need to include the plugin if you want to do it in javascript.

Still, see how easy it is to make it with css here

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background-color: doesn't work :| –  zey May 14 '13 at 12:00
it's not background-color, use backgroundColor (camel case!) The css syntax is slightly different when used in JQuery... have a look here learn.shayhowe.com/advanced-html-css/jquery under 'Manipulation' then 'Style Manipulation' :) –  Stuart May 14 '13 at 14:30
@Slytael , +1 for your css example with transition: all 2s;-webkit-transition: all 2s; , it's work great :) –  zey May 15 '13 at 3:49

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