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I'm quite new to mongodb and I'm stuck with a simple (or not) problem:

I have a collection of tagged Products like this:

{ "_id": "1", "tags": { "shape" : [ "shape1","shape2" ], "color": [ "col1","col2" ] },
{ "_id": "2", "tags": { "shape" : [ "shape3","shape4" ], "color": [ "col3","col4" ] },
{ "_id": "3", "tags": { "otherCategory" : [ "value1" ], "color": [ "col5","col6" ] }

I want to select all distinct category from this collection and have this results:

[ "shape", "OtherCategory" ]

How can I achieve this ? for now it seems that my only option is to find all tags and parse it manualy in the java client...seems bad ;-)

I query mongodb from a java spring client.

Thanks for your help.

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I think that there is one more way to do it is to use Map/Reduce, because Aggregation in MongoDB works across documents, not across collections. – Konstantin May 18 '13 at 11:51

Ok so I ended up with refactoring my model: it looks like it's not easy to make queries on documents contents without doing some Map/reduce like Konstantin said.

To solve this problem I created a new collection of Categories so that I can easily select them. This collection is populated when the Products are insert.

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Refactoring your schema to meet your access needs is usually a good idea :) – Jinxcat Feb 5 '14 at 10:02

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