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I'm developing an html page and it's in spanish, so i need to use "¿" (opening question mark) and i have to do it on a linux environment. However i'm editing this html docs on windows while using VirtualBox with an ubuntu server to deploy it. The problem is that when i use the VM, the question mark is shown, while when i try it on an actual linux OS it isn't.

On the header i have:

< meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

and on the body I have:

< p class="question">¿Cuántos grupos diferentes de < code>< var>NUM_TAKEN< /var>< /code> < var>THING< /var> puede llevar en su bolso?< /p> 

i thought the utf-8 would solved the problem, Any idea? thanks!

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How about escaping your "special char" with the HTML representation. In your case:


According to the UTF-8 problem: Did you save your file UTF-8 encoded. Your special characters could get destroyed if you save your files with a wrong encoding.

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