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I have a entity framework database first set up and I'm having issues getting data from a table EF treats as an association because it's basically a navigation property. I have a Survey table with an EventId(PK), FacilityId, ExitDate, and Status. I also have a SurveyCategories table with CategoryID(PK), Description and a SurvCat table that just has SurveyId and CategoryId as foreign keys. I can get data from other related tables that don't use a middle table like SurvCat, but even following the documentation from the breeze site for navigation properties I cannot get anything loaded into the SurveyCategories array in each Survey object. I checked the metadata and it's showing the navigation property but I get nothing with this code:

var query = EntityQuery.from('Surveys')
            .where("facilityId", "eq", whereClause)
            .skip(currentPage * 5).take(5)

Any help or links would be greatly appreciated.

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I think that the answer for this other question can help you tu solve the problem: Error Loading related entities on demand (entityAspect.loadNavigationProperty()).

The N to N relations are not supported in breeze, so you have to use a intermediate entity to do work this.

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