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I have a listview (lvMap) with 3 columns (Map, From, To) I am trying to write a method that is called as soon as my form loads. this method should look at the listview items and and sort them only by 2 columns "Map" and "From" in ascending order, i dont want it to sort the "To" column. I have written the code below but it sorts every single column, is there a way to leave a column out of the sorting procedure. Thanks.

private void sortListViewOrder()
    lvMappings.Sorting = SortOrder.Ascending;
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I would suggest you consult the following MSDN article, hopeful it answers your question:


Basically you need to create a ListViewColumnSorter instance and add it to your ListView control.

From there on the article will have enough information :)

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You have to do it using ListViewColumnSorter . Following KB Link has the sample code to do that.


You can assign the column to be sorted using,

 Create an instance of a ListView column sorter and assign it 
// to the ListView control.
lvwColumnSorter = new ListViewColumnSorter();
this.listView1.ListViewItemSorter = lvwColumnSorter;

lvwColumnSorter.SortColumn = Column;
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Hey, thanks but this article is based on if the column has been clicked. I dont want to have to click the column to sort its item. –  ife labolz May 14 '13 at 13:02

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