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How we can get the present state or present seed of Random number generator in system verilog??

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Use get_randstate(), which is defined as

function string get_randstate();

From the SystemVerilog 2012 language spec:

The get_randstate() method returns a copy of the internal state of the RNG associated with the given object. The RNG state is a string of unspecified length and format. The length and contents of the string are implementation dependent.

Note that SystemVerilog will create a separate RNG for each thread and object, so you'll see different results from different objects.


t1 = new;
t2 = new;

Sample output from Incisive:

svseed=1 ; 5864a323c57f14c ; 
svseed=1 ; bbfc1b9e8eb663ae ; 
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