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Is there a way to circumvent this ?

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That's a bug in Rebol v2.x with the network protocols. It is a valid URL! type. Normally, you could do a trick like this:

>> type? http://user:pass@myserver/test%21file.txt
== url!

See, it's a valid URL!

>> read http://user:pass@rtibackup/test%21file.txt
** User Error: URL error: http://user:pass@rtibackup/test!file.txt
** Near: read http://user:pass@rtibackup/test!file.txt

Oops, the network protocols don't like that URL.

But in this case, it does work using the following convention (also useful for passwords that contain the @ symbol):

>> write [
    scheme: 'ftp
    user: "myusername"
    pass: "mypassword"
    host: "myserver"
    target: %test!file.txt
] {Test}

I hope this helps!

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If this is still a problem, it's probably the URL parsing code that's an issue. Specific characters are special, but not that many, and especially not "!".

There's a newer version of Rebol called R3. Check if it's still a problem there. If so, R3 is open source and can be fixed quickly.

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Hey, welcome to Stack Overflow! Chat is definitely a secondary system here, but hopefully you've found it entertaining at least! – Shog9 May 28 '13 at 1:54

When I do this using .net I just remove the offending item. I've never used Rebol but perhaps something like this might work?

change find fileuploaded "!" ""
probe fileuploaded

Was looking at the information on this page:

hope it helps or at least points you in the right direction.

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