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I have a "span" element inside a "table" "td" element. The span tag has a Title.

I want to get the title of that span tag and pull it out to make it the "mouseover" tip for the "td" element.

For example:

I want to turn this:

<a href="#"><span id="test" title="Acres for each province">Acres</span></a>

Into this:

<td onmouseover="tip(Acres for each province)">
<a href="#"><span id="test">Acres</span></a>

EDIT: I don't think you guys understand. I am trying to put the onmouseover function into the "td" tag. I am NOT trying to put it into the "span" tag.

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Based on your edit, you might check out jQuery's DOM traversal methods:

Something along these lines (not tested, I don't claim it's syntactically correct, just general ideas here)...

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something like:

$("span#test").mouseover( function () {
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you didn't read the entire post... – Oct 3 '08 at 3:43

If you cant put a class on the td or select it in some way then start by selecting the span, then go to the span's grandparent and attach to the mouseover:

// get each span with id = test
    var $this = $(this);
    // attach to mouseover event of the grandparent (td)
    $this.parent().parent().mouseover( function () {
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Ok, I'll try it too :P

  { generateTip($(this).find("span:first").attr("title") }
  , function() { removeTip() }

What this does:

  • Get the table with id yourTable
  • Select all its td
  • insert a mouseover and mouseout event
  • mouseover event : call the generateTip function with the title value of the first span in that td
  • mouseout event : call the removeTip() (optionnal) function.
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With jQuery:

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