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I have tried a few ways to set the terminal 'encoding' from a c++ program. All I could do is to change the locale. or the LANG variable.

Still I am able to enter characters which are of different encoding than the LANG ( and output of nl_langinfo(CODESET) )

But , if I go to Terminal > Set Character Encoding > ISO-8859-15 ( or something ) then it is allowing only ISO-8859-15 . Can I achive the same thing ( setting from GUI ) from my C++ program as well ?

I used setlocale(LC_CTYPE,"") to set the encoding to the terminal encoding , but it just uses the LANG variable.And allows other characters too.

( After Terminal > Set Character Encoding > ISO-8859-1 ( Latin1 ) )

>setenv LANG en_US.iso885915 --> latin9
Current Locale : C
Lang info : ANSI_X3.4-1968
Trying to change locale from C to ""
Current Locale : en_US.iso885915 
Lang info : ISO-8859-15
Enter some string :¤¦¨´¸¼½¾ dfsafas  --> but these are Latin1 charaters !!
Entered string : ¤¦¨´¸¼½¾ dfsafas --> They are even printed back !!

So , this brought me down to the question if my understanding about the locale and encoding are correct or not.

Can someone please clarify the difference?

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Encoding is only a part of locale settings and for terminals it affects how terminal displays and process input.

Terminal encoding and locale setting for a program running withing terminal pretty much independent and might not match or can be misconfigured.

setlocale() will set or query the program's current locale.

Terminals usually spawns a new shell and setting LANG or LC_* environment variables will affect only programs that will run withing this shell.

Also setting locale or encoding does not prevent "other" characters to be entered.

This answer should help to clarify things.

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Thanks for the explaination , that clears many things.The reference was also helpful. –  k0n3ru May 15 '13 at 3:49

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