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I had trouble forming a title- please edit if you come up with something better.

When hovering over a span with class percent100, I want to show a div with class getSeen. However, getSeen has a link on it, so getSeen has to remain open when the user hovers over getSeen, not just percent100. How do I do this with jQuery?


<span class="percent100"> 100%</span>
<div class="getSeen">At 100% Get Seen...<a href="#">How?</a></div>

jQuery attempt:

$('.percent100, .getSeen').hover(
    function () {
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just use this query

$('.percent100, .getSeen').hover(
    function () {
    function () {

see this fiddle

So what you need to do is, to make the div.getSeen visible when the .percent100 is hovered and also when .getSeen is hovered, and simply make it invisible when hoverout

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