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I am trying to make a simple Application on facebook.

There will only be one user using this, me.

Say I have 10 photos to upload everyday, I thought i'll make an application that will simply take every image in a directory and simply upload it to a page. A Fan page assume "X"

I started out by making an app in developer.facebook.com, say "X app". Then I got the facebook4j library and tried posting a status as the page, using manage_pages permission.

I am stuck at many ends in this attempt and just wanted to ensure this is the right way to do it, or am I doing something enitrely wrong perhaps?

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There is already a complete answer to this question here (even with the needed source code).

However, if you need to do this automatically, create a PHP script that will take N new photos from a directory, upload them to your Facebook fan page and moving or deleting them when they are successfully online.

Then just use crontab on your server to call this script everyday at a chosen hour.

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