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Trying to import data from CSV file in D3.I am getting an error as "Unexpected End of Input".

d3.csv("path/to/Instance.csv", function (error, data)
  data.forEach(function (d) {
  d.state = parseDate(d.state);
  d.success = +d.success;

EDIT: Adding CSV file.

    Jan 2000,1394.46
    Feb 2000,1366.42
    Mar 2000,1498.58
    Apr 2000,1452.43
    May 2000,1420.6
    Jun 2000,1454.6
    Jul 2000,1430.83
    Aug 2000,1517.68
    Sep 2000,1436.51
    Oct 2000,1429.4
    Nov 2000,1314.95

Perhaps the lack of 2nd decimal place?

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Sounds like your CSV file is broken. – Lars Kotthoff May 14 '13 at 14:14
Can you post a small example csv-file that breaks your code? – Marc Claesen May 14 '13 at 14:25

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