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I have a weird looking problem (a similar one was asked here, but I don't want to accept that Automator only pipes only 1 line into the shell script action!: Mac Automator: shell script gets only one line)

Automator-Workflow, type "service", 3 blocks:

  1. Service receives "Text"
  2. "run shell script", "bash", input via "stdin", shell script: "cat"
  3. copy to clipboard"

When I select a multiline text and run this service only the first line finishes in the clipboard.

I made three other tests:

  1. skip the shell script action - directly move the selection into the clipboard >> works!
  2. instead of taking the input from the text selection the shell script action gets the input via an "read from clipboard" action from the clipboard >> fails (first line only)
  3. instead of the "bash" action I selected a "perl" action >> fails (first line only)

So it seems obvious that the run shell script action contains the problem. But I have used the shell script action (with web-content) many times before with no problems.

Any ideas? Maybe a problem with encoding and or line-endings?

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At least on my Mac, when

  • start Automator
  • Choose Type -> Service

enter image description here

save at some name (mine is TestService), then

  • go to TextEdit
  • enter some text
  • select

enter image description here

  • from the TextEdit's menu: TextEdit -> Services -> TestService

enter image description here

Got to the clipboard the next:

2 ééééééééééé
3 íííííííííí
4 αβγδεζη
6 aaaaaaaaaa

Try exactly the above... ;)

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Thank you - this is so kind of you to document your steps with screenshots!! (I should have done that blush)... This is exactly my setup (in German OSX). But what I found out by your suggestion is: when I type 5 lines into Textedit all works as expected, when I use a text from my source, paste it into Textedit and then run the service it fails! So maybe there is something with the line endings or similar (invisible). Usually I use a "xxd" as the shell command but in this case it does not get to the intersting point. I keep you updated.... Thanks again! –  tschloss May 14 '13 at 15:28
Weird. I played around, made more tests and now it works quite normal. One thing I changed was to switch off one of my tools (PopClip; next would have been PasteMaster) - then it worked. I switched it back on and it still works!?!? Mystery! Thanks!!! –  tschloss May 14 '13 at 15:42
Great! Good luck ;) (and consider click accpet if the answer works for you) –  jm666 May 14 '13 at 15:43
With a machine doing what it wants I really need "luck" (more than knowledge maybe) ;) –  tschloss May 14 '13 at 15:44
So, seems, it is something with BBedit - and the automator works as needed. :) I'm using MacVim - so can't tell you anything about the BBedit. –  jm666 May 14 '13 at 16:03

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