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I have tried TinyMCE and FC/CKEditor and they both don't really do the job... I wanted to get a wordpress like style...


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You know, wordpress uses (gasp!) TinyMCE! –  LiraNuna Oct 31 '09 at 18:24
I do, but i tried to steel it and it was wayy complicated –  tarnfeld Oct 31 '09 at 19:08

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Wordpress actually uses TinyMCE, with its own modifications. It's open source, so you can probably grab the editor from Wordpress itself.

Otherwise, you have choices of using YUI Editor (although it may be too simplistic and isn't that widely used), or just using a plain text area with Textile/Markdown behind the scenes (similar to what Stack Overflow uses), and perhaps a row of javascript buttons at the top. There are a few scripts available that can do this for you, notably Textile Editor Helper.

If none of those works, and you still don't want to use TinyMCE or FCKEditor, you could always code your own.

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YUI Editor :) Tis cool!

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