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I am having problem with running test in my angularjs project -When I run "grunt test" I get ReferenceError: io is not defined I am running server localy throug port 3000 wich is a node.js socket.io server and impliment it in index.html

<script src="http://localhost:3000/socket.io/socket.io.js"></script>

This is the function I am testing:

$scope.editProject = function (dat) {
        method: 'PUT',
        url: 'http://some.net/api/project/' + $routeParams.Id,
        data: angular.toJson(dat),
        headers: {'Content-Type': 'application/json'}
      .success(function(d) {
        var time = $filter('date')(new Date(), 'dd/MM HH:mm:ss');
        var loc = '/project/' + $routeParams.Id;
        var head = {
          User : $rootScope.UserInfo.Username,
          Message: 'Some message ',
          Name : dat.ProjectName,
          url: loc,
          date: time,
          icon : 'icon-th-list'
        socket.emit('UpdateHeader', head );
        $location.url('/project/' + $routeParams.Id);
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Which test runner you are using? Are you loading socket.io in your test runner? –  skeep Jun 19 '13 at 3:39

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Install the last Yeoman on your project and it solve your problem. This will install Grunt and Bower automatically. After, you can install socket.io client with bower.

grunt test                        # test your app
grunt server                      # preview your app
grunt                             # build the application for deployment

Use Bower component for more package.

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