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I am developing an application in Windows Phone 8. Having set of Tiles in my Home screen and these tiles can be pinned as a SecondaryTiles in the Windows Start screen.

Basically i am using FlipTileData to create the SecondaryTile in my application. But as per my requirement, i should not be having any Wide Tile option for the SecondaryTile. SecondaryTile must be pinned as Small and Medium tiles.

I set the following properties in FlipTileData.

var secondaryData = new FlipTileData
    Title = "Content",
    BackgroundImage = //Image Uri,
    WideBackgroundImage = // Image Uri,
    SmallBackgroundImage= // Image Uri

Is it possible to achieve this in Windows Phone 8. Could you please help me on this ?

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You can turn disable the wide-tile when you call ShellTile.Create with that secondary data. Do this by setting the supportsWideTile argument to false. See MSDN docs for more info.

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