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I'm currently working on a project in java1.6 where I need to read out a .txt-file.

the line of code looks like this:

l = new Lexer("bin/test.txt");

the file test.txt is located in the directory "bin" where the "src" is, too. On my partner's Eclipse it runs correctly but not on my IntelliJ12CE.

Seems like the file can't be found.

I'm using a MacBookPro with OSX10.8

Many thanks in advance, rbn

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When Eclipse builds a project - it compiles all your *.java files that exist under your "source" directory and puts the resulting *.class files into your output directory, and then it copies everything else in your "source" directory that isn't a .java file into your output directory.

When IDEA builds a project - it does the same kind of thing with your *.java files, but it only copies a restricted set of other kinds of files from your source directory to your output directory.

You can find the definition of what kind of files IDEA will copy under: "/Settings/Project Settings/Compiler/Resource Patterns". In there, you will see a set of filename patterns like "?.properties;?.xml;?.gif;?.png;?.jpeg;?.jpg;?.html;?.dtd". Note that *.txt is not there by default, so IDEA is not copying your text files across from your source directory to your output directory. Append something like ";?*.txt" to the end of the resource patterns string and it should do what you want.

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