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Are there any prereqs to use the merge operation? The merge examples from the Neo4j documentation such as:

merge (robert:Critic)
RETURN robert, labels(robert)


An unknown error occurred, was unable to retrieve a result for you.

By the way, the "live" examples from the documentation don't work either:

merge (robert:Critic) 
return robert, labels(robert)
Error: invalid start of query
"merge (robert:Critic) return robert, labels(robert)"
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Okay, that clearly is a bug. Opening a report on github.

The following works fine btw:

start _0 = node(0) with _0
merge (robert:Critic)
RETURN robert, labels(robert)
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I see you found merge, too. Nice catch on the documentation/bugs. –  Wes Freeman May 14 '13 at 15:51

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