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I'm using C:\Windows\System32\sc.exe (via System.Diagnostics.Process) to create several Windows services via a custom install wizard I've built. Each service created will contain a program with one or more modules loaded (chosen by the user via the wizard).

When this wizard is loaded I want to be able to inform the user of what services with which modules are currently installed. I have used the service description (sc description ".....") to write which modules are part of each service.

However, I cannot find a method to read a service's description programmatically. I find it surprising that it's not part of System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController

Is there a way to read a service's description via C#?


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Here is one way of doing it:

using System;
using System.Management;

public static string GetServiceDescription(string serviceName)
    using (ManagementObject service = new ManagementObject(new ManagementPath(string.Format("Win32_Service.Name='{0}'", serviceName))))
        return service["Description"].ToString();
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