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I'm using OpenMP but the problem is that I'm declaring/defining a function as follow:

void compute_image(double pixel[nb], double &sum)
        #pragma omp parallel for reduction(+:sum)
    for (int j=0;j<640;j++)
    if ...

What I realise now is that :

Error   2   error C3030: 'sum' : variable in 'reduction' clause/directive cannot have reference type    C:\Users...\test.cpp    930

Actually, I cannot get rid of OpenMP. Any solution?

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Instead of a reduction, you could put the sum=sum+pixel[0] under a #pragma omp atomic or #pragma omp critical line.

Another option could be to have a double local_sum = sum; before the omp section, reduce on local_sum, and then have sum = local_sum; after the for loop.

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Using the second option (local_sum) will likely perform better than using "omp atomic" or "omp critical", because the reduction clause lets each thread have its own local version of local_sum. Using "comp critical" forces the threads to wait in line to update sum, and using"omp atomic" makes the threads contend for the same memory location. – Arch D. Robison May 14 '13 at 16:27

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