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We are finishing development of a project, the client is already using it but occasionally some errors occur - crashing the server.

I know I could register a service as 'upstart' script on linux, in order to have my node service restart when it crashes.

But our server is running other stuff, so we can't restart it. Well, actually, while writing, I realize I have two questions then:

  • Will 'upstart' work without having to reboot? Something is just whispering yes to me :)
  • If not, what other option would I have to 'respawn' my node server when it crashes?
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Yes, upstart will restart your process without a reboot.

Also, you should look into forever.

In addition to a process monitor to restart your process when it dies, you should also use a global exception handler.

// Global Error Handler
process.on('uncaughtException', function (err) {

A global exception handler will keep your process from dying in most cases, but you should still use upstart, monit, forever or some form of process monitoring as a last resort.

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