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Obviously if I google search, there are tons of results for bash scripts to back up your MySQL database. I couldn't find this specific example though.

Say I start all my new web projects at

I also prefix all my tables for this project with that name, so newprojectname_posts, newprojectname_pages, etc.

Everytime I make a change, I want to run the command to back it up and specify the database and table prefix so, command tablename prefix so I have a .sql file to git push


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You can use this script:


tables=( $(mysql "$1" --silent -e "show tables like '${2}_%'") )

for t in "${tables[@]}"; do
    mysqldump "$1" "$t"

Then run it like this:

command databasename newprojectname >backup.sql

It will backup all tables starting with newprojectname_ (note the included underscore).

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Perfect, thank you. – LOLapalooza May 14 '13 at 17:32

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