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I have airport.mli and airport.ml.

In airport.ml, I have

module AirportSet = Set.Make(struct type t = airport let compare = compare end);;

This is no problem.

I then have a function

val get_all_airport : unit -> AirportSet.t;;

, which generates a AirportSet.

so in airport.mli, I need to show the module AirportSet so AirportSet is recognized.

How can I do that?

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2 Answers

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module AirportSet : (Set.S with type elt = airport)

(The parens are actually unnecessary, putting them there so that you know this is a signature expected, in the general case of the form sig ... end).

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The elegant solution is was gasche proposed; a more pragmatic/straight forward/naive solution is to simply use the ocaml-compiler ocamlc to infer (-i) the type of the module for you:

ocamlc -i airport.ml

which gives you a more verbose type like

AirportSet :
    type elt = airport
    type t
    val empty : t
    val is_empty : t -> bool
    val mem : elt -> t -> bool
    val split : elt -> t -> t * bool * t
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