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I have exact same question as the post below, except that I need it to work for Android and the post below is for iOS. I have tried both solutions given in that post, but they don't seem to work for Android. All help is appreciated!

How do i scroll a UITable view down until i see a cell with label "Value" in Calabash

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you can add this new step definition and it should do the trick for Android:

Then /^I scroll until I see the "([^\"]*)" text$/ do |text|
  q = query("TextView text:'#{text}'")
  while q.empty?
    q = query("TextView text:'#{text}'")

It works for me and I hope it does the same for you!

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Hi Proghero. performAction is deprecated since calabash 0.5. Do you happen to have a snippet that works for the latest calabash version? – Rajat Anantharam Aug 8 '14 at 10:07
Just change performAction('scroll_down') to: scroll_down – Emanuel Canha Sep 17 '14 at 8:45


In the statement, performAction() is deprecated since calabash 0.5 so not valid with the latest version

My solution will be,

def scroll_until_I_see(id)
  until element_exists("* marked:'#{id}'") do
    scroll("ScrollView", :down)
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Narandra@ This solution worked for me. I have also highlighted the syntax for better understanding... – Aravin Sep 11 at 11:55
Thats great @Aravin. I guess, You have marked my solution as "This answer is useful"? – Narendra Chandratre Sep 22 at 19:59
Yeah. this solved my issue. – Aravin Oct 12 at 6:25

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