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I can't get pass this, have remade the repository multiple times, made ssh keys over

demo_app <username>$ git remote add origin<username>/demo_app.git

fatal: remote origin already exists.

$ git push -u origin master
ssh: Could not resolve hostname git: nodename nor servname provided, or not known
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

Checked ssh keys


$ ssh -T

Hi <username>! You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.


Still receiving the same message.

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Instead of adding a new remote, try to change the existing one with the following command:

git remote set-url origin<username>/demo_app.git

Edit: so, here are the commands to make it work without losing your code.

  1. rm -rf .git
  2. git init .
  3. git remote add origin<username>/demo_app.git
  4. git commit --allow-empty -m 'First commit'
  5. git push origin master
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tried that before, turns out i didn't do $ git add . before, I tried to create what i did before to get the error message but I got a diff error "error: src refspec master does not match any. error: failed to push some refs to '<username>/demo_app0.git' – A Ali May 14 '13 at 16:52

To answer the new error: "error: src refspec master does not match any. error: failed to push some refs to ''

I found this post really helpful: src refspec master does not match any when pushing commits in git

Essentially, try add your files and committing again.

git commit -m 'initial commit' git push origin master

This worked for me!

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If you got here because you're on a proxy


ssh -T -p 443

If that works then you can add settings to your ~/.ssh/config to always connect through 443:

  Port 443 

More info here:

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