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I have Aptana Studio 3, build: installed on Windows 7 (Service Pack 1). I have configured it to associate *.html files with the PHP Source Editor by default to add code completion for (and my Apache parses *.html as) PHP.

I have a custom builder on the project to launch Ant 1.7.0 to build it. Nothing special except to prompt for the Ant target to build. Finally, I have Cygwin installed and mainly use it for tail'ing logs, etc.

whew! Enough intro, down to the problem.

Recently, when I first fire the custom builder, the console displays the following:

[2013-05-09 12:24:36] #<NoMethodError: undefined method `end_node' for #<Java::ComAptanaEditorPhpInternalParserNodes::PHPHTMLNode:0xc37a88>>
ps: illegal option -- x
Usage ps [-aefl] [-u uid]
-f = show process uids, ppids
-l = show process uids, ppids, pgids, winpids
-u uid = list processes owned by uid
-a, -e = show processes of all users
-s = show process summary
-W = show windows as well as cygwin processes

I have yet to find any references online to the Java::ComAptanaEditorPhpInternalParserNodes::PHPHTMLNode:0xc37a88 error (or any part thereof). Further, I have no clue how firing an Ant build (while editing any file type -- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.) would have anything to do with a PHP parser or Cygwin's ps command.

The error doesn't seem to affect anything. everything builds, no artifacts in files, etc. It's just uncomfortable, because it may be doing something I haven't found yet!!

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