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I am running Linux on a VM under Windows. When I am using Emacs on Linux, since my keyboard doesn't have the meta key, I will do my meta key command by pressing Esc, release it, and then press the subsequent letter key.

What if the command is Ctrl-Meta-b? My previous Esc way wouldn't work since it cancels the Ctrl. Any suggestion will be welcome. (Emacs and Linux noob here, so please don't laugh and be specific.)

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First hit Esc, and then Ctrl+b. The escape keypress applies to the entire following key combination.

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Depends a little what your meta key is mapped to in Windows, in my (pretty "stock") Emacs 24.3 setup, "Alt" serves as the Meta key.

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I'm sure there's plenty of scope for things to break, but certainly when I've run Emacs in a Linux VM hosted on Windows, I've had no problem using the Alt key as Meta. So C-M-b == Ctrl + Alt + b –  phils May 15 '13 at 3:30

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