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Basically I've downloaded a package for the WorldWind JDK that allows for rendering of 3ds models. However, for the life of me, I've been unable to use any of these files using standard imports, and my googlefoo is failing pretty hard in coming up with a way to use them.

import on the primary renderer file is something like this

import gov.nasa.worldwind.Movable;
import gov.nasa.worldwind.geom.Angle;
import gov.nasa.worldwind.geom.LatLon;
import gov.nasa.worldwind.geom.Position;
import gov.nasa.worldwind.geom.Quaternion;
import gov.nasa.worldwind.geom.Vec4;
import gov.nasa.worldwind.globes.Globe;
import gov.nasa.worldwind.render.DrawContext;
import gov.nasa.worldwind.render.Renderable;
import gov.nasa.worldwind.util.Logging;

//Problems reside with these imports

public class Movable3DModel implements Renderable, Movable{

The error when trying to use them is

the import net cannot be resolved.

The files come in a string of different folders, so I need all of them to be used, and am completely lost as to where to go from here ><

EDIT1: Throwing in some edits to answer questions about my question This is using Eclipse. The WorldWind dependancies are using a few JOGLs that you import, those are not the issue. The issue is trying to use

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What IDE are you using (if any)? Eclipse? – PM 77-1 May 14 '13 at 17:44
Your description is somewhat confusing. Your sample code seems to indicate that you're experiencing problems with packages and not worldwind. Did I get it wrong? – PM 77-1 May 14 '13 at 17:47
You should show us exactly what one of these errors says or else we won't be able to exactly help you. – Daniel Kaplan May 14 '13 at 17:51
I am using Eclipse IDE I fixed the error that I am getting for (hopefully) some clarity. The WorldWind imports are not the issue, but the I am not sure what to do with these because there is no jogl file that is available for the eclipse import. – Terryn May 14 '13 at 18:30

This is a classpath issue. I downloaded worldwind myself and see it comes in a zip. You can't point your classpath to that. You have to extract it and add the jars in there to your classpath. I see a "worldwind.jar" in there. It seems to have the classes you're importing.

Adding it to your classpath really depends on your environment that you're using. You should take a step back and learn more about the classpath first. There are plenty of good tutorials. Here's some:

The classpath is essential to learning how to debug java programs. If you learn to understand it now, you'll be a better java programmer forever

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